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3M Scotch-Brite Hand Free Quick Dry PVA Sponge Mop

RM 58.30


New generation of PVA sponge Technology – Softens and absorbs faster with lesser cleaning time needed.
Adjustable handle, light in weight and high in durability.
Squeeze Dry design effective squeeze-dry large amounts of water.
The innovation New Design Angled Sponge Plate is ergonomically-designed to flush fully against the surface for greater effectiveness.


Do not allow product to get in contact with highly corrosive cleaning agents (PH<5).
Do not place mop with the PVA sponge against the floor to prevent detects due to pressure. Soak in 70 degree warn water to resume original shape.
Do not replace PVA sponge refill when it is dry and hardened to prevent cracking.
Do not squeeze-dry mop when PVA sponge is hardened to prevent cracking.
PVA Sponge must not be in contact with bleach for a long period to prevent damage.
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