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Product Title Ceroplus Mat
Size• 3ft x 4ft |3ft x 5ft | 4ft x 6ft
Thickness • 10mm
Colours • Grey
Features Cero mats are designed to provide the perfect balance between dirt pick-up
 and moisture absorption. Cero mat consists of alternating rows of solution
 dyed nylon fibre and monofilament polyamide fibres. The ends results is a
  rich and unique design that simlates installed aluminium matting systems 
 with the flexibility of a loose laid mat. Combine it with ou rubber backing
 options and you get a distinsive, high-performing launderable mat that keeps
 dirt out and your floors clean, Combines stripes of scraper and dust stop. The
 nitrile rubber backing and borders help make these mats skid-
 resistant on both carpeted and hard floor surfaces