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 I) MAX 18 is non - toxic 

 II) MAX 18 is non - flamemable

 III) Max 18 is highly biodegrable

 IV) MAX 18 is effective on mineral vegetable and hydraulic oils.  

 IIV) Max18 is excellent cleaning properties,especially for greasy dirt, soap scum, carbon like soil 

    on floor and industrial surface. It is excellent for garages and plant.

Direction for use:  

I) Dilute 1 part Max 18 to 5 parts of water provides an excellent floor cleaners for workshop,

      service bay, boiler-rooms any areas subject to heavy oil contamination.  

II) Dilute 1 part Max 18 to 50 more parts of water for an economical detergent cleaner for 

   scuff marks on wall and light switches and has a general purposed cleaner. 

III) Dilute 1 part Max 18 with 3 to 5 parts of water can be used has heavy-duty engine              


Max 18 is a blend of anionic,sodium sufate, and solubilishing a gents.  

Technical specfication:

 Appearance  Amber liquid  
Colour  Colurless 
Foam  Controlled
S.G  1.08
Ph Valued  13+/-0.5
Storage Stability 1 year at room temperature in unopened container

First Aid

Eye contact immediately washes with water for 15 minute. If swallowed call a physician.