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Mosclean IH1 VIOLED LED Mosquito Trap

RM 369.00

Mosclean IH1 VIOLED LED Mosquito Trap

Mosquito trap plus odors removal and sterilization 

  • Provide a pleasent and healthy environment by eliminating odors from pets, kitchens, toilets, cigarette plus removes VOCs that can cause sick house syndrome. (Vocs* : Volatile organic compound) 


Product name MOSCLEAN IH1
Mode of action Dehydration 
Size 190 mm x 205 (H) mm 
Weight 516g
Attactant soucre Optimize UV LEDs+ CO2
Noise  Less than 30dBA
Power Consumption 6.4 W (Max)
Power DC 12V adaptor,100-200V
Installation Stand top